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So January 16 came round at last, backpacks stuffed to bursting, and off we set on our world tour

Well see how far round the blue planet we get but if youre in Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam, watch out because well be landing on you for sure.

Reports sent back here wont exactly be regular, but when Ive got time, a connection and a brain in gear Ill be firing off a few notes and maybe a picture or two to let family and friends back home know about my meanderings.

First up is Bangkok at the end of a couple of long flights, and after a few days there the next stop will be Laos.

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Look out Bangkok, we're landing on you first...

Landed in Bangkok after a sleep ridden couple of flights, checked into our hostel which was surprisingly nice for the centre.

That night bumped into jack and his mate from home and checked out the nightlife with them, got slightly carried away as per usual but was a pretty sweet start to the trip.

Met a few wicked people in the hostel so following day went to see the grand palace and the emerald buddha's place which was bloody impressive, built in early 1700s or something, before we headed off at night on the sleeper train.

Met another couple of jokers on the ride, which lasted a nice 16 hours, before another 7/8 hour trip over the border and onto Vang Vieng.

Been here for 5 days now and its a beautiful, crazy place. Westerners turned it into a bit of a party so so its flooded with all kinds of people, but the locals are all still lovely.

Took a break from the madness today with...

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Check out some of the pics that Ive sent back - not that many, considering what weve seen, but hopefully enough to give a flavour of the places. Click here to go to the Gallery.

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