About us

An early corporate career in consumer marketing and strategic development roles means we understand how to best interpret and present a company or brand proposition.

After 20 years in the corporate world we began working for ourselves, starting, building and running our own businesses - which means we relate directly to the issues our clients face in managing, promoting and trying to grow their businesses.

And we are a small company, just like many of our clients

Being small also means we're more flexible, more responsive and have lower overheads - thus able to charge our clients less.

But it doesn't mean we are less committed or less professional.

By following this link, you can see selected Examples of the work we have done and you can learn a little more about our approach to projects here.

Contact us

Due to the fact that we have clients in multiple time zones, we're often at our desks beyond the regular workday.

We find many of our clients are working outside normal hours too, due to the demands of their businesses.

As a result, communication via e-mail seems to be the most effective and least intrusive.

And as our projects are largely visual in nature, e-mail transmission or posting drafts on the Internet for review, is the only practical way to share work in progress.

So e-mail is how we suggest you contact us in the first instance.

We look forward to hearing if we can be of help.

Copyright © Pixefino. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Pixefino

All rights reserved