Why people choose us

People choose us because they like the work we do, the way we work and our relatively modest charges.

We are a small company, like many of our clients, and our background in marketing and business development helps us understand how best to present a company's aims.

Our clients enjoy direct personal contact with a single individual rather than being scrum-tackled by a new business team and then handed off from one person to another to get the project completed.

We don't do big budgets, high cost add-on services, hard sell, multi-disciplinary teams, complexity...

Our objective is simply to help you unlock the full potential of your website presentation in support of your specific business or personal aims.

There are plenty of other website design companies out there to support larger businesses and larger scale projects (and the budgets that go with them) but we're the website design company "for the rest of us".

Hopefully our work speaks for itself. Please follow this link to see examples here.

Copyright © Pixefino. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Pixefino

All rights reserved